Question! What's More Natural? To Eat and Lose Weight... or To Eat Less, Do Everything, Less Effective Conventional Diet Plans Would Have You Do?


The Theory Is To Simply Manipulate Your Body's Metabolism By Eating Fat Burning Foods. Through well nutritionally proportioned meals eaten in certain time variations the metabolic rate in the body is manipulated to stay engaged almost around the clock ... Promoting virtually one pound or so of fat to be burned daily. Eating Them In a Way That Keeps Your Metabolic Rate Running On High.... Ingestion is usually every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. You should do certain things to aid in this process like drink lots of water and move around a little, take some short walks. The eating process involves food that;s not only nutritious but promotes things like building lean muscle tissue. The idea behind the fluctuations in caloric content and eating intervals are for more consistency in fat burning by keeping your body from Plateauing.
That's The Premise Behind Calorie Shifting Meal Plans

So Why Are You Overweight?



First of all my name is Donald Whitehead and I personally lost over 100 pounds using an eat and lose weight method. Dont believe me? My doctor has my weight documented from when I weighed 336 pounds a couple of years ago. I actually got down to 225lbs. Recently I gained 15 lbs. I at the time of writing this article weighed in at 240lbs. Today, time to get back to my meal plan. That's what so great about doing the program, the whole time you are on it you are creating good eating habits, your stomach is shrinking and your energy level stays up! I can just start right back to the 4 meals a day with snacks. Read This!

BMI applies to pretty much everyone 20 years old on up into adulthood. The letters BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is the measure of fat while using a persons height and weight. Body mass index measurements are different for everybody dependent upon body shape. it's determined differently for individuals 20 down to 2 years of age. As the chart demonstrates to the right body mass indexes out of range poses severe health risks that increase as BMI rises.

Do You Believe That Whenever You Eat That That Action Alone Can Definitely Make A Real Difference As To Whether or Not You Can Lose Weight?


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Manipulating Your Metabolism, Keeping It Engaged is Key
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